Soul Excursion Vol 57 – Zen-Zin

Favorite Hiphop Artist


Jakarta Records (Berlin, Germany)
album/tracks available on beatport and bandcamp

album/tracks available on beatport and bandcamp

I’m so excited about this project because the passion and execution is top shelf. The message is simple – find your way.

” This 13-track album is strong with timeless music. German beats. Sundanese flow. Universal sound.” – Jakarta Records

The Butterfly Effect available now using the link above

look forward to greatness

Bonus Track #2

A few posts back Pawcut caught my eye with his jazzy focus and signature style. So now he keeps it coming with Sudanese rapper Zen-Zin.   The Butterfly Effect is in full effect (pun intended).

Zen-Zin is an artist you’d want to keep underground to preserve the jewels he drops.

Even from across the pond you hear how the pulse of the youth is bonded in hip-hop.

His 12-track album produced by MaMa G is available for free download – go check it out.

Track 3 is my favorite while track 7 is my son’s go-to for fyah!

His will to learn my babbling native tongue and produce such quality work astonishes me. I think words are the most useless yet powerful form of energy we use without second thought. His work and determination to tell a story is a measure of matter in its most potent form. Also his production team is stellar. So when and if ever I find news on this artist – you will know.

Soul Excursion Vol 31 – Paw Cut (Pawcut)


He is the persona of keeping it moving and music is life.

At first listen to producer Paw Cut (Pawcut) I was hooked ten seconds later and I continue to dangle in his mystery of skills. His album  is in steady rotation especially when driving (to remain calm). I stay impressed with music coming from Germany.

Download now (free) The Stuff that Dreams are made of

His appreciation for jazz and other genres (if you must) can be found on Soundcloud.

Cover Artwork by scratchtheblock team

Cover Artwork by scratchtheblock team

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Paws does it again…seemingly effortless collab w/ Zen-Zin.

Mind you, they have never met.

Check it out and be sure to pass it

Fresh HipHop Album – The Butterfly Effect

Timeless music with German Beats and Sudanese Flow

Zen-Zin & Pawcut – Twilight Green (available on vinyl and digi)

He’s on Facebook and Twitter- reach out and connect

free download

Soundcloud tracks

Pawcut is associated with some very interesting producers. Check out Suede Merit from Australia who has an upcoming release with Collective Resonance“This one features some trippy, atmospheric, experimental beats. This will be his Collective Resonance debut.”

Another association with Pawcut I pleasantly found inspirational – 30 beats in 30 days! All the best to ya Man-of-the-Downtrodden

Trust this volume will grow as with  my admiration of paws…stay tuned.