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Qool Marv Live at Mr. Porter Block Party After Party- Ludlow House – July 13 2016
By Qool Marv Aural Memoirs and Buttamilk Archives // MusiQuarium Of Wonder // Instruments Of Mass Construction // Music4Winners // Lit From Within // Intelligence’n’Music // The Fire All Time // Notes To Self


Qool Marv Live at Mr. Porter Block Party After Party- Ludlow House – July 13 2016

Hangin On A String – Bing Ji Ling
Sweet Mary – Joss Moog
Pop Life – Prince
Digital Witness – St. Vincent
Step Into The Spotlight – Dj Peabird
Human Nature (Retouch) – Michael Jackson
I Know You Got Soul – Dubble D & Rakim
Burning Down The House – Talking Heads
Funk You Right On Up) – Sequence
Freak The Groove – Capitan Futuro
Seven Days – The Allergies
Think Better – Slow Motion Replay
It Takes Two – Ks French
Let U Go – Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee
Poison – Bell Biv Devoe
I Wanna B Where U Are – Jackson 5
Two Sides Of Sympathy – Greg Wilson
Candy – Cameo
Jamaica Funk – Tom Browne
A Love Bazaar – Sheila E
Gett Off – Prince
Herb (Feat Sammy Bananas) – Michael The Lion
Funky Flute – Dionigi
Native Riddim – Coeo
Ode To The Creator – Chaka Kenn, Samma Lone
Groove Is In The Heart [The Reflex Revision] – Dee-Lite
Brickhouse (T.B.C. Re Edit) – The Commodores
Get Lucky (Rlp Edit) – Daft Punk
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
I Feel For You – Prince
Steal Away – Robbie Dupree
Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Mix) – Christopher Cross
One Nation Under A Groove –Parliament Funkadelic
P.Y.T. – Michael Jackson
Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye
Bebop – Charles Feelgood and Felipe Avelar + +


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Kymbo Post – Music Matters

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SE V117 You Already Know

Have you recently had a moment where you rediscovered something? To discover is really an affirmation of what was already or an uncovering of sorts. Perhaps how a discovery came about is the process in acknowledgement.  Who knows, but I firmly stand open to learn the craft of being in the moment of my continuous rediscovery of music.

Recently, a songwriter pitched a song draft to me, with compelling lyrics yet the presentation blocked me from giving a sincere listening ear. Later in the day, after visualizing the experience, my mood, the atmosphere in the room etc. I realized how I was not being present and in the moment.  Music can totally affect the mood of a person. Since then, I take precious steps to set the tone for my musical experiences.

You already know what form and type of music appeals to you. And trust you will fill that void if there ever was one. For me, I had to approach my musical tastes with color and vibes since I often listen to a wide range of styles from jazz to classical. Also, I listen to the many genres to hear and see how they’ve morphed or grown throughout history. With that, since you already know what you’re attracted to, have you ever tried to groove or enjoy a not so familiar musical taste?

 – Kymbo Post (Soulful Excursions Volume 117)

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– Kymbo Post – Music Matters
(Soulful Excursions Volume 117)