Soul Excursion Vol 79 – Robin Franz

Love the horns in this track

RobinFranz is an amateur producer of trance, electrosoul and chill tunes. After having played the tenor sax in various bands (new wave, funk) during the late 80s and early 90s he started producing electronic music in the early spring of 2009. RobinFranz has cooperated with artists like Cocoared, JoGoldie, Dennis Coleman and Gizella. In September 2010 DJ Cesar Delgado included RobinFranz’ track „YesWeCan feat. JoGoldie“ in his newest set. In 2012, house crack Zemek from Vienna got RobinFranz to provide some vocals for his newest ambient house tracks, which are featured on iTunes. The sounds of Kraftwerk, Paul Keeley, George Clinton and Leftfield have been a great influence on RobinFranz’ music. Listeners of the group „under2000listeners“ on voted RobinFranz to the „artist of the week“ in October 2010. 2013 RobinFranz for the first time ever got airplay on the radio. DJ Mr Rain featured the tracks “Tracks of Curiosity” and “Feel The Sun” on his weekly show on OSRadio (Osnabrück). (info courtesy of soundcloud/RobinFranz)

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Oldie but goodie


Soul Excursion Vol 76 – Curious Jorge Show

Photo and Link Courtesy of

Photo and Link Courtesy of

Catch this show while you can as I’m still jamming to last weeks’ show (9/28/14). Jorge entices one to groove with his smooth transitions and playlist. Hours of sexy, deep, stimulating sounds to get you through those distracting and chaotic moments. Enjoy as I sure do.

To stay tuned in with Jorge via twitter @jg179_jorge

Giving the best of deep house, house music, nudisco, tech house, soulful house…call it what you will.

I’ve got other goodies in store for you from this dynamic DJ and his skillful team delivering their best.

Soul Excursion Vol. 5 – Cocoared

Have you ever heard a voice that literally moves your insides to reply with beats and pulsations? Women will agree and the men should be in agreement for the women – that listen to Cocoared. His sonorous sound beckons a without-words response. Most people start AND end their day by groovin’ to the sounds of Cocoared. This sound is where you go to feel love, believe in the power of love and finally share the love. A groove so universal that you know your soul is soothed.

I’d love to hear this voice just behind my ear when I least expected it. I’m surely not alone in that desire to feel the real. Make the most of it and enjoy!!!

Supa Soldier (Soulplate Midnight Mix)




Vocals by Cocoared & Charmaine
Produced, remixed & arranged by Soulplate
Mixed by Thomas Pudell for mindbase-recordings
Mastered by Chris for Fullrange Mastering
Released by Kula Records
Released by: Kula Records
Release/catalogue number: KRD016
Release date: May 7, 2012

Bronx native, and still a b-boy, Gene Roberson, aka GenieQ, is the founder of Dookiejuice (a stem from Porcocoabutta Entertainment.), which is a family of spoken-word artists, mcees and songwriters.


A few years back this young mc in the Bronx, GenieQ, went on to Cheyney University to study communication arts where he found himself turning his high school ryhmes into songs. Later on he was chosen to host ButtaMilk Worldwide, a mark in Philadelphia spokenword/soul history, which featured spoken-word artists and cutting edge soul grooves mixes by QoolDjMarv.

Soul Lounge Grooves

He has a distinctive style that marries perfectly with the feminine …listen!!!

another oldie but goodie to vibe when you don’t have time for the shuckin’ and fussin’