SE V129 Turnin Me Up

Turnin Me Up

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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Soulful Expressions v129

Kymbo Post – Music Matters

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SE V119 Da Da ‘n Da

The Power of Music

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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Original Soulful Soundtrack Available 



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SE Vol 101 – Remedy

Some will say that when you think long, you think wrong. Well, it’s all relative so go on and do you as only I can rock my way and know that no one can do me better than me. Out now is this long held message shared through music, made available for all who will support the movement of music matters.

                                        click to pre-listen “Remedy” – New Single release – OUT NOW

This song reflects a journey to expression. Giving thanks to feature artist Beloved for flowing over this hip/hop track with confidence and skillful precision. Many more thanks to AZ Productions for your continued support and belief of the vision to tell my tale.

SE Vol 88 – MJB

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Published on Sep 22, 2014

Pre-order “The London Sessions” album now and get “Therapy” for free
“The London Sessions” Out December 2nd

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Whole Damn Year*

Nobody But You *

Therapy *

– youtube commenters –

Tyrone Ward 

3 days ago

Love the new direction Mary is moving in.  Yes it´s different, however it sounds very good.  Some in the US may be a little disappointed in the new direction, however she´s not really moving in the direction of staying on top in the US market.  She´s transitioning over to catering to the European market, and targeting more of the global market.  She´s working with one hell of a team out of London and I applaud her for that.  From what I have heard from the album so far, the album is most certainly headed for quite a few nominations.  Mary has come to Europe now, so she´s ours now.  LOL.  Don´t worry about her being dropped over here.  We would never do that to a legend and an ICON. 🙂
A true MJB fan would know that all her music comes from her life experiences, her music speaks for everybody . She is just amazing artist i love all her music. She is truly the Queen , MJB your music is inspirational, heart filling , and incredible im truly looking for the new music that relates to everbody in the entire world.
Impressive.  Mary never really disappoints from my perspective.  What´s really impressive about this other than Mary is that Emeli Sande wrote this.  Love Mary, and I really love that one of my favorite new comers is making her mark as well. Nice job.  🙂

Soul Excursion Vol 68 – Sandra St. Victor

Sandra St. Victor


Pull Your Pants Up

This track made me chuckle. It’s a take on a moment or urge you may have had.

SSV may be known from The Family Stand and she continues to shine throughout time. The video below is inspired by the sock hop 60’s TV music shows and I may have seen Gabrielle Union as a dancer in this one.

Thank you Shanachie Entertainment for the youtube post.

Soul Excursion Vol 58 – DJ Raphael


DJ Raphael continues to give love to over 5K subs with over 1/2 mil views – and one must thank him for filling the void that tv and cable could not fill if they tried. “G” recently put me on to this channel and I’m sooooo pleased to share with you – this flow. The tag is Different Flow Radio highlighting Neo soul, soulful house, hiphop, jazz & soul. THIS IS the definition of Chilled Soul Music

1. 00:00 / Rise (feat. Ursula Rucker & Roy Ayers) – Richard Earnshaw
2. 00:35 / Watch U Sleep (feat. Focus…) – Terrace Martin
3. 04:07 / Obtaining – Soia
4. 06:58 / Tonight (feat. Zaki Ibrahim) – Extra Medium
5. 09:21 / Arruga De Agua – Freddie Joachim
6. 10:45 / Thank You – JuSoul
7. 12:36 / I Got You (Featuring Tiombe Lockhart) – PPP
8. 14:40 / Chill Pill (Experiment 2) – Hawk House
9. 17:57 / Never Left – Illa J x Potatohead People
10. 19:20 / Do Yo Thang – Jneiro Jarel
11. 21:59 / Better (feat. Shana Tucker & Eric Roberson) – The Foreign Exchange
12. 25:00 / Flashback to Stardom (DJ Spinna Remix) – Panacea
13. 28:54 / 8oom 8ap – Anderson .Paak
14. 31:33 / Electric Piano Interlude – Freddie Joachim
15. 33:07 / Come Around – The Foreign Exchange
16. 35:50 / The Prelude – K41
17. 37:50 / Fall In Love (Chief remix) – Slum Village
18. 39:48 / Overtime – Slakah the Beatchild
19. 41:49 / If It’s Okay – Freddie Joachim
20. 43:28 / All Souled Out – MFakka
21. 45:19 / Always Find A Way (Jay Dee Mix) – Nine Yards
22. 48:54 / We All Are – Eric Lau
23. 49:19 / Adventure For 2 – Slakah the Beatchild
24. 52:27 / Imagine (Moods Remix) – Jordan Rakei
25. 55:20 / Assembly – Evil Needle
26. 59:27 / One – Eric Lau

There is nothing like being able to feel pure bliss from listening to music like this.-st8poetic


A yt commenter typed it best –

“This mix proves to me that there is still good music out there to be consumed. But it’s like finding needle in a haystack …” – saucy05

Plus he put Tall Black Guy in the mix – it’s on!

“On this channel you will find some hip-hop, neo-soul and house mixes put together by myself, with a bit of jazz on the side too. I make mixes as and when I feel inspired and they’re generally of a soulful inclination. I like to keep things sort of chilled, laid back and vibey. Having been raised on many different genres of music when I was a kid, anything from 80’s soul, lounge/jazz, house, and neo-soul they all come through in some way in my mixes. Anyway, just enjoy the tunes people and feel free to get in contact or whatever. Peace and love” – Raph

Check more of DJ Raphael on soundcloud and facebook

THIS IS my fav – mix – thus far 


Soul Excursion Vol 25 – Wake Up

Songs in the key of the rising sun

Get Up by Blaze


video courtesy of misummergrooves

Giving thanks to Qool DJ Marv for ritualistically playing this track at the start of every podcast – good stuff


Keni Burke

video courtesy of Shaftlaft


Wax Tailor – Lost The Way

Wax Tailor

video post by KarmaKinetic

to be continued…



4 Voices

4 Voices

4 Voices

Found this pic while trollin’ in a positive and productive manner and was inspired to share…that each artist has recorded a song that touches me in a particular way. Thank you to whoever created this pic and posted it!

AND it’s only touching due to how they’ve used their instruments with words.

Raheem DeVaughn – “Guess Who Loves You More” – What beautiful words to tell someone. So much that I tell my children the same! As a lover of music I can tune into his style every now and again. It’s great to see that he has a strong loyal following and can only get better in time. His track titled “YOU” is an honest homage to the feminine – much respect for holding it down.

Anthony Hamilton – “I’m a Mess” – it’s tragically beautiful of how he pours this song out. A feeling that must transcend being in the moment.  A place I wouldn’t want to stay long…but HE sings it as if there’s sort of love in the pain somehow. Must be beautiful to know what to call how you feel – even if it’s uncomfortable.

Jaheim – This voice right here! Flow that twerks my cerebral cause the writing is phenomenal for culture driven sounds. Nice extended remix . Keep up the hustle Jaheim!

Kem – Welcome to the dark side of the moon. He may have found it!! “Heaven”…his website bangs this track with stellar production and an instrumental that keeps you wanting more. Rock it Kem!

Though not a complete – end all – be all – artist feature on voices that bring haunting vibes…again, the pic inspired the post. Countless perfected artists/crafters come to vision and all in good time. For now…it’s their time.  It reminds me of how we are chemically attracted to one another – if the chemistry is on – then attraction is inevitable.

What voice gives you vibes for days?  Continuing on…

Cammy Enaharo