Soul Excursion Vol 32 – Aurelia “Mama Soi”

Soul Excursion Vol 32 – Aurelia “Mama Soi”


I’ve had the pleasure of being in the midst of this unforgettable voice. In this moment, I’m so happy, to share the most recent developments going on with family. Introducing you to Aurelia…Mama Soi…Trust you will injoy!

 Aurelia, also known as Mama Soi, was born and raised in Sardinia. She started her music adventure at the age of six. She has always been fascinated by biggest artists in the world. Inspired by voices of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Bob Marley she began to sing and her passion for that grew every day. During teenage years she took part in various contests and shows that improved her voice and thought her how hard the music industry is. Thanks to gigging around colourful Sardinia she gained a lot of appraisal for her voice. At the age of 21 she took the decision and decided to stop sing covers and focus on her own music and writing lyrics – doing what she loved the most. Aurelia’s roots are strongly attached to Sardinian soil and after she lost her Granddad, which she grew up with, she decided to call herself Mama Soi. Mama Soi ‘Mother of the Sun’ comes from an old tale that was used to prevent children from leaving the house during the high temperature reaching over 40 degrees. Because of her devotion for hot and sunny weather and the love for family’s tradition she adopted this legendary name. Now, living in London, Aurelia is recording her first official music project named after her alias, Mama Soi is more than just a music project. Other half of Mama Soi Project is Francesco Marras aka Cicittu, taking care of the music production and working with artists from Sardinia and United Kingdom. Last but no least is Sonusdebidda ,supporting this project in various aspects. Stay tuned

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Soul Excursion Vol 11 – Mr. Ernest Ranglin – 2013


It’s been over ten years since bass player “Tim” introduced me to the stellar sound of master-teacher Ernest Ranglin.  I would play his music for hours and smile all the while multitasking or just relaxing. Click to listen to over an hour of sound and visuals to catch up – if you’re new (or not) to the legend.  Thanks Clan McNicol for the upload!