Soul Excursion Vol 54 – Total Recall

A Poem

about Qool DJ Marv + Rhythm Blankets

The following is from Qoolness I’m sure won’t mind that I share this find:

I’ve done nothing with this, mostly out of respect for Jill, which I still have of course, so I want to let it out into the producer world who might chop up this fine piece of poetry and build a song around some great poetics.

True, this is about Qool DJ Marv…(I happen to be holding the mic). Gene Roberson is the voice that you hear following hers on the track that follows that acapella, follow me?

I did do a stoned jazz beat and dropped her lyrics over top and had deemed this an album opener for an album I was going to do but never did and won’t be doing until I get it going on my computer software. MY MPC is out of service and this transition has been sloooooooooooow.

Rhythm Blankets is the name of the song. (The world is kinda cold and the Rhythm is my Blanket. – Q-Tip, Verses From The Abstract

Jill Scott, Dewey Thomas, & Gene Roberson in the photo.

More back story

Recorded Summer 1994. Just hanging out and having fun recording her spoken word over beats, she says to me, “I wrote something for you.” I had no idea that it was about me. It’s just over 1 minute + I added one of my 1st productions so you can hear how I used her words and sound…it’s called Rhythm Blankets done nearly 10 years ago.

I have more acapellas of Jill performing live at Buttamilk. I’ve been sitting on them until I start wearing my producer hat. I wanted to make some beats and unleash these never heard before (unless you know me) words by Jill, however, that’s taking a long time so here is the 1st of a few just-the-voice snippets that I’ll share.

Acknowledgement of the encouragement that I gave her. She’s done For you, producers, a slight buzz in this lo-fi recording, work your magic. A little more history here: event held at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia…amp;id=586515353

Soul Excursion Vol 4 – Jill Scott

Love You Jill Scott – Continue To Make It Rock

thank you Jazz³+ for the video post

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I think every individual has his or her own power and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is – Jill Scott

What more can you say about Miss Jill Scott? Plenty more and it is ok to repeat what you thought or heard ‘bout your Jill Scott experience. Amazing how she can say what I’ve always wanted to say yet I could not find the way, without it being taken out of context. I guess that is in learning the art of war. Each moment is a new day and I see each of her songs in a similar manner – a moment. I find her track titled, “You’re getting’ in the way” as a millisecond (or shorter) of something emoted from within. The song happens to prolong thought or feeling. She has a liberating talent that inspires others and others aspire to whatever the case may be.  Miss Jill Scott is ever growing and in this post…well wishes for all the best to you and yours this year!

Ever seen the news clip-remix of a woman’s quote “ain’t nobody got time for dat”? Entertaining it may be …be encouraged to raise your vibration.

Watching Me – Jilly seed…RT (re-tweet, real talk, rethink, reteach)…what do you think?


  To Be Continued