SE V118 Flight Time


here are four distinct rhythms sure to find an erotic aural spot

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 expressive passion

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insightful vibes where every groovy note is effective, considered and acknowledged

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inspirational and sure to make you move

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Let’s groove on good peoples


More  Soulful Sounds of VickiSunMusic / Cocoared fam

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Kymbo Post – Music Matters
(Soulful Excursions Volume 118)


SE Vol 94 – Miles

Singing in church choirs & school plays, somehow music was always around. Penned a paper on the Autobiography of Miles Davis and the most memorable part of the read was how Miles would play the trumpet with his back turned to the audience. “Kind of Blue” is a playlist I frequently enjoy.

For now, you can find thousands of sites on his work and influence. Do enjoy the links and pics below.


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Don Cheadle, who is set to portray Miles and direct the film is forth coming. Looking forward.

Composite of Miles Davis and Don Cheadle

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Miles Davis – Website

The Autobiography of Miles Davis with QT


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The Hand of Miles Davis by Irving Penn


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Jazz Quotes


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Many more quotes to post and share, however, I’ll leave that to you if you’re courageous enough to go that extra mile to care.

Album Covers:


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18 images of Album Cover Art of Miles

17 images of Bitches Brew Album cover

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Artwork & Posted by Peter DeVeber (click on the pic to visit The Journey of the Flower where you will find hundreds of haiku, poetry, prose, painting & sketching by Peter DeVeber)

Quotes on Miles

*This post is in honour of Miles who entered my world thirteen yrs ago today.


*The transition date of Miles Davis is also the transition date of a woman who will forever be a fabric in my life-quilt and the day I joined my life-partner almost twenty yrs ago in “keeping it moving”.

Soul Excursion Vol 39 – Jazz

TALKING ALL THAT JAZZ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4 voices @ the end of this post*

Had many a flashbacks and must revise my log as such. My grandparents introduced to me to their jazz through personal stories, songs we’d hear on the car radio (no music played in the house) and movies.  They grew up in the Pittsburgh area during the time of the ‘great depression’. They spoke of dance gatherings, a vivid line in a room, catching a jazz great in town on tour, favorite dance steps and so much more.  Most of their impression on me is from how they expressed those experiences with admiration and honor, or in words not spoken.

video courtesy of Segundo Eduardo Gómez de la Torre

video courtesy of  Segundo Eduardo Gómez de la Torre

Thank you for joining me in recalling my intro to jazz (when I wanted to hear the music) (one feels compelled to label music – (sigh)…fascination we have with labels). Probably around the late 80’s, during a youth gathering in a mentor’s home, as a teen, was an indirect introduction to Jazz (Many thanks Ms. Benita!). Selfishly, I interrupted the meeting many times to inquire and learn more about what sounds were emanating from the record player and suffice it to say we ended up changing various records and vibin’ to the sound waves. This post is a work in progress that will be updated periodically to record all impressions. There will be no particular order or sequence – just impressions.

The Yellowjackets

Bob Mintzer on sax, Felix Pastorius on bass, William Kennedy on drums and Russell Ferrante on keys

01 – Spirit Of The West 00:40
02 – Mofongo 09:58
03 – Like Elvin 19:31
04 – Tenacity 28:15
05 – Greenhouse 36:11
06 – Claire’s Song 47:57
07 – Geraldine 56:58
08 – Why Is It 1:07:19

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 The Rippingtons

Track Listings
1. Moonlighting 00:00
2. She Likes to Watch 06:41
3. Angela 12:16
4. Dreams 17:07
5. Mirage 22:17
6. Calypso Cafe 26:35
7. Open All Night 31:21
8. Intimate Strangers 35:52
Musicians:Russ Freeman – Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Reid – Linn Drum, EMU
Gregg Karukas – Keyboards
David Benoit – Piano

Thank you xmistermister668x for the upload

 David Sanborn

The Essentials (Full Album)




Positivity (Full Album) 1993

Step Into My Life 4:13
Still A Friend Of Mine 5:37
Still A Friend Of Mine (Acapella) 1:28
Smiling Faces 5:10
Where Do We Go From Here 5:21
Positivity 3:55
Deep Waters 6:37
Pieces Of A Dream 4:19
Talkin’ Loud 3:27
Thinking ‘Bout Tomorrow 5:53
Do Right 5:29
Inversions 5:55
Better Days 5:03
Keep The Fires Burning 5:21
Givin’ It Up (Remix — Roger Sanchez) 4:42

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There were others…just will not rekelect in this moment.

Good feeling to find something when you’re paying attention

Looking back with admiration on how my grandparents spoke about their days dancing at the local lindy hop or experiencing Queen Ella Fitz in concert. They would tell of how each artist did ‘their’ thang…sounded as if those moments were some of the best to come from the ‘depression’. Ooh, I see, clear as day, myself, rocking in the chair, front row watching a black and white film, a musical, a western, or just listening to imagine.  They witnessed an era that founded what all is now considered music.

The jazz greats are many…there is no blog or book available to give more insight. I read a book on Miles for a paper in school and figured there would be no way to honor the experience with words.  Earning an ‘A’ on the paper did not appease my disgust of never being able to convey my sentiments. Some things can not be explained with words and I suppose that is jazz.

 Lizz Wright

images (10)lw

Always Brings a Smile

4 Voices – 4 Women

“Four Women” by Nina Simone
Recording session: “Sing The Truth”, Jazz à Vienne 2009
by Simone, Dianne Reeves, Lizz Wright, Angélique Kidjo: Four Women
Featuring the Original Nina Simone Band:
Al Shackman, guitar
Chris White, bass
Paul Robinson, drums
Leopoldo Fleming, percussion
Jeremy Berlin, piano

Soul Excursion Vol 31 – Paw Cut (Pawcut)


He is the persona of keeping it moving and music is life.

At first listen to producer Paw Cut (Pawcut) I was hooked ten seconds later and I continue to dangle in his mystery of skills. His album  is in steady rotation especially when driving (to remain calm). I stay impressed with music coming from Germany.

Download now (free) The Stuff that Dreams are made of

His appreciation for jazz and other genres (if you must) can be found on Soundcloud.

Cover Artwork by scratchtheblock team

Cover Artwork by scratchtheblock team

Click on pic to read review


Paws does it again…seemingly effortless collab w/ Zen-Zin.

Mind you, they have never met.

Check it out and be sure to pass it

Fresh HipHop Album – The Butterfly Effect

Timeless music with German Beats and Sudanese Flow

Zen-Zin & Pawcut – Twilight Green (available on vinyl and digi)

He’s on Facebook and Twitter- reach out and connect

free download

Soundcloud tracks

Pawcut is associated with some very interesting producers. Check out Suede Merit from Australia who has an upcoming release with Collective Resonance“This one features some trippy, atmospheric, experimental beats. This will be his Collective Resonance debut.”

Another association with Pawcut I pleasantly found inspirational – 30 beats in 30 days! All the best to ya Man-of-the-Downtrodden

Trust this volume will grow as with  my admiration of paws…stay tuned.

Soul Excursion Vol 11 – Mr. Ernest Ranglin – 2013


It’s been over ten years since bass player “Tim” introduced me to the stellar sound of master-teacher Ernest Ranglin.  I would play his music for hours and smile all the while multitasking or just relaxing. Click to listen to over an hour of sound and visuals to catch up – if you’re new (or not) to the legend.  Thanks Clan McNicol for the upload!