Soul Excursion Vol 9 – God Hop



Impacting many, this vibrational music scene or movement is here and being heard. Some even call it knowledge musik. Other seasoned artists that come to thought would be Common, Goodie Mob or Erykah Badu. To date there is Sa Roc who has a lot of attention and much respect for her grind of loving and being a force of feminine energy like no other. She stays true to her craft while her message brings you to think, celebrate, pump a fist or just listen as she rocks the mic right. In videos found on-line and she spits on titles like “Ether Warz” and “We Comin”. She is a must listen…you open?


God Hop is coming from all sides and vibes

so let me know what others are out there

representing their crafty view.

I already checked a few – just let it do what it do.


“Kingdom Remix” by Common
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