SE V128 Hell Relief

Healin’ in the Heat of it All

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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Soulful Expressions v128

Kymbo Post – Music Matters

SE Vol 101 – Remedy

Some will say that when you think long, you think wrong. Well, it’s all relative so go on and do you as only I can rock my way and know that no one can do me better than me. Out now is this long held message shared through music, made available for all who will support the movement of music matters.

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This song reflects a journey to expression. Giving thanks to feature artist Beloved for flowing over this hip/hop track with confidence and skillful precision. Many more thanks to AZ Productions for your continued support and belief of the vision to tell my tale.

Soul Excursion Vol 46 – Carolyn Malachi

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Beautiful Dreamer (extended Jazz Mix)

Excerpt from youtube:

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2011

Carolyn Malachi – Beautiful Dreamer – Extended Jazz Mix (ft. Vahagn Stepanyan on Paino, Trey Eley on Flute, Matthew Shell, Devin Spear on Electric Guitar, Markus Huber on Bass & Jabari Exum on Djembe)

Carolyn Malachi’s “BEAUTIFUL DREAMER” is an inspiring account of overcoming incredible odds and living a passionate life. The stylish video (…) features the point of view of Niya Bell, a nine-year-old genius who escapes to a mystical wood after being bullied by her peers; and grown-up dreamers who work, live, and thrive in the real world. Niya and the dreamers’ stories intertwine to reveal that a little encouragement and lots of faith can go a very long way.

Visit to download “BEAUTIFUL DREAMER”, and to learn about the friends, fashion, and fun that brought the video to life. Check out Carolyn Malachi’s YouTube channel:

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 Dumela is another gem

Carolyn Malachi Website

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Soul Excursion Vol 44 – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble


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GCW – gotta Love It!!!

Keep It Movin

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PBS/WQED aired this documentary – Wonderful waste of time on the tube! *US presentation premiere

Thank you all for being and representing your living legacy.

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