SE 147 Don’t Believe The Hype

same day different doo-doo

 – nothing new under the sun

– lot of sides on the same side-

Published on Jan 25, 2017

-every moment is a new day-


Be inspired to be your best with JoGoldie



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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Soulful Expressions v147

Kymbo Post – Music Matters

SE V124 Reflections


Welcome Scotty Tryptamine to Soulful Expressions as Music Matters


No One is One Dimensional.

Now listen to this Hip-Hop.

“Music has always been a matter of Energy to me, a question of Fuel. Sentimental people call it Inspiration, but what they really mean is Fuel. I have always needed Fuel. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.” – Hunter S. Thompson (Quote courtesy of Scotty Tryptamine – soundcloud)


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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Soulful Expressions v124

Kymbo Post – Music Matters

SE V115 Dem No Worry

Please all give a warm welcome to Mister T


Dimitris Tentinis aka mister T. was born in 1983 in Kavala (Northern Greece) and has been living in Athens since 2010. He started writing his music ideas in 2001. Past classical music studies influenced him for his new direction.

Mister T’s style is mostly groovy with lot of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and deep influences. He also likes writing in a down tempo / trip hop style. He has been a member of Cold Busted (USA) label since June 2011. He is also released tracks on Chin Chin Records (Germany) and Timewarp Records (Greece). His music is widely supported by listeners, djs, music and radio producers around the Globe and many of his tunes are already remixed by well known artists like Club Des Belugas, Kaleidoscope Jukebox, Timewarp Inc, Omegaman, Jayl Funk, Umbo, Funky Destination, My Neighbour Is, Mojo Rising, Sixfingerz, Green Street, Es-K, Mr Chombee .

Parallel to his production activities, he began playing music as a DJ in 2003. Mister T’s sets are a blend of jazz, soul, electroswing, funk, breakbeat, hip hop and electronic music.

bio courtesy of SoundCloud

video courtesy of misterT1983a

Mister T and vocalist JoGoldie, among a team of talented music industry professionals, collaborated to give birth to “Dem No Worry”. Released on ColdBusted in 2015, this funk track on the Big Day album shines, bringing hope, when you are feeling vulnerable to negative energy. The message of “Dem No Worry” is to perceive and make your own new beginnings. Take a ride over and groove on a 12 track of funk, hip-hop and jazzy vibes.


Feature vocalist JoGoldie debuts international album On My Way

On My Way, Jo Goldie

A musical message that inspires you to be the best you…now.



Soul Excursion 62 – Blood In My Eye: The City of Philadelphia

 Zion Antoni SPeaKs

Here is an individual who has taken the moments needed to reflect and re-build through words. It’s the seed that needs nourished as found in the concrete lined streets of Philadelphia – City of _____________. Although I cherish silence, words are the most powerful symbols used in our times. As folks post “I’m so….  Here you find a cruel and honest reflection of brotherly love sprinkled with infinite possibilities.

When reading his most recent essay (link n pic), one may think, “I’m so…not alone”, and “I will do better now that I know better”. This writer showed me that no one is one dimensional.  His essays challenge you to be original, courageous, do you with due excellence, and evolve – exactly where you are – not forgetting from whence you came. To learn more of Zion Antoni, his insight and foresight – please do check his website and past Kymbo post. Enjoy your journey.

Make time for what matters such as reading this worthwhile essay and be sure to share with like-minded folk to “keep it moving” as there is always time for greatness. Let’s work it out to economize our communities with sustaining wealth and continue to celebrate all that we represent ‘with diplomacy and in solidarity’.

215 alt

Blood In My Eye: City of Philadelphia

 I reserve the right to edit my reviews.

This is post remains musically relevant w/

new music by Zion Antoni released Jan/2014 – listen and enjoy

-remember Hip Hop is a culture and the material presented here is a solid source for reference-


Soul Excursion Vol 57 – Zen-Zin

Favorite Hiphop Artist


Jakarta Records (Berlin, Germany)
album/tracks available on beatport and bandcamp

album/tracks available on beatport and bandcamp

I’m so excited about this project because the passion and execution is top shelf. The message is simple – find your way.

” This 13-track album is strong with timeless music. German beats. Sundanese flow. Universal sound.” – Jakarta Records

The Butterfly Effect available now using the link above

look forward to greatness

Bonus Track #2

A few posts back Pawcut caught my eye with his jazzy focus and signature style. So now he keeps it coming with Sudanese rapper Zen-Zin.   The Butterfly Effect is in full effect (pun intended).

Zen-Zin is an artist you’d want to keep underground to preserve the jewels he drops.

Even from across the pond you hear how the pulse of the youth is bonded in hip-hop.

His 12-track album produced by MaMa G is available for free download – go check it out.

Track 3 is my favorite while track 7 is my son’s go-to for fyah!

His will to learn my babbling native tongue and produce such quality work astonishes me. I think words are the most useless yet powerful form of energy we use without second thought. His work and determination to tell a story is a measure of matter in its most potent form. Also his production team is stellar. So when and if ever I find news on this artist – you will know.

Soul Excursion Vol 32 – Aurelia “Mama Soi”

Soul Excursion Vol 32 – Aurelia “Mama Soi”


I’ve had the pleasure of being in the midst of this unforgettable voice. In this moment, I’m so happy, to share the most recent developments going on with family. Introducing you to Aurelia…Mama Soi…Trust you will injoy!

 Aurelia, also known as Mama Soi, was born and raised in Sardinia. She started her music adventure at the age of six. She has always been fascinated by biggest artists in the world. Inspired by voices of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Bob Marley she began to sing and her passion for that grew every day. During teenage years she took part in various contests and shows that improved her voice and thought her how hard the music industry is. Thanks to gigging around colourful Sardinia she gained a lot of appraisal for her voice. At the age of 21 she took the decision and decided to stop sing covers and focus on her own music and writing lyrics – doing what she loved the most. Aurelia’s roots are strongly attached to Sardinian soil and after she lost her Granddad, which she grew up with, she decided to call herself Mama Soi. Mama Soi ‘Mother of the Sun’ comes from an old tale that was used to prevent children from leaving the house during the high temperature reaching over 40 degrees. Because of her devotion for hot and sunny weather and the love for family’s tradition she adopted this legendary name. Now, living in London, Aurelia is recording her first official music project named after her alias, Mama Soi is more than just a music project. Other half of Mama Soi Project is Francesco Marras aka Cicittu, taking care of the music production and working with artists from Sardinia and United Kingdom. Last but no least is Sonusdebidda ,supporting this project in various aspects. Stay tuned

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