Soul Excursion 62 – Blood In My Eye: The City of Philadelphia

 Zion Antoni SPeaKs

Here is an individual who has taken the moments needed to reflect and re-build through words. It’s the seed that needs nourished as found in the concrete lined streets of Philadelphia – City of _____________. Although I cherish silence, words are the most powerful symbols used in our times. As folks post “I’m so….  Here you find a cruel and honest reflection of brotherly love sprinkled with infinite possibilities.

When reading his most recent essay (link n pic), one may think, “I’m so…not alone”, and “I will do better now that I know better”. This writer showed me that no one is one dimensional.  His essays challenge you to be original, courageous, do you with due excellence, and evolve – exactly where you are – not forgetting from whence you came. To learn more of Zion Antoni, his insight and foresight – please do check his website and past Kymbo post. Enjoy your journey.

Make time for what matters such as reading this worthwhile essay and be sure to share with like-minded folk to “keep it moving” as there is always time for greatness. Let’s work it out to economize our communities with sustaining wealth and continue to celebrate all that we represent ‘with diplomacy and in solidarity’.

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Blood In My Eye: City of Philadelphia

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new music by Zion Antoni released Jan/2014 – listen and enjoy

-remember Hip Hop is a culture and the material presented here is a solid source for reference-


Soul Excursion Vol 33 – Zion Antoni redefines – 2014

Soul Excursion Vol 33 – Zion Antoni redefines – 2014


02/06/2014 — Freelance Journalist/recording artist releases an arabesque new single to the forthcoming conceptual EP/Mixtape “The Campus”, called “Fish”. Fish delves reflective and gritty outlook of the value of life from struggle, pain and progress. A new single and return from a considerable hiatus from the indie music scene. Zion has penned overseas hits as “1987”,”Honey fo’ my Strongdrink”, and “Still love u”. Now he returns with a grassroots real to life era of maturity, and growth.

“There’s always a risk in staying progressive in any field.” Zion explains. “To always show people how you have grown and where your willing to take them.” Zion explains he is confident his new surge of Avant -Garde music will influence by demand. Promoted at a minimum within the states, “Fish” is a catalyst to much, and a point in the voice of the grassroots. For like minds of progress, Antoni again, re defines. 

– Conceived in Washington Heights / Bronx Center –
– You’re dealing with a man of vision –

As a mother raising kings in training, I would be amiss not to have them explore the world of Zion Antoni. This artist/journalist brings such raw experiences enveloped with such practical yet un-amassed-actualization. Actualization, in the sense, that all journeys are connected. If you want to see, feel and hear the “things” in life that are desirable and undesirable? Then invest in a reading session of his literary archives (see Soul Excursion Vol 21 ) then prepare to do the work. And once the cerebral has been fed prepare to have your thoughts casted in the sound of inevitability. Look forward to sharing his gift with family and friends. It’s only wholeness to look out for fam, right? Oh and must not forget the head nod factor…music sure to move you.

– It’s about community –
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