Soul Excursion Vol 6 – Erykah Badu

ImageCall it what you will, for now let’s call it…’the real’.  An artist who is not one dimensional, where most accept the label game, Badu is courageous enough to explore the experience.  I was first put onto her sound in ’96 by a New York DJ gracious enough to share her unreleased sounds. I played, listened, shared (no bootlegging) then ordered the debut album when it was released. Since those days, I’ve found that Baduism is a creative and undeniable way of living. One can never have too many aliases or monikers. What a breath of fresh air Badu continues to be!

It’s inspiring to have artists such as Badu able to reach their audience on a cosmic level.

Sending love and light to all Badu supporters and non-supporters.

Check out the latest track from Bonobo – ‘Heaven For The Sinner’ feat. Erykah Badu.

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