Soul Excursion 65 – L’Renee

Such a joy to find talented singers so close to home. L’Renee is not your predictable soul singer. Soul singer, for moi, is someone who ooozes with purity in delivery. She was recently introduced by Kem @ a movie premiere. Below are three of her seven album releases and check her flow on youtube – so refreshing. From what I understand, she has an upcoming album release – Looking forward!

L’Renee (pron el-rah-ney)


Soul Excursion Vol 24 – Flix

 Welcome to Dongmakgol



just when I try to get out…they pull me back in…

 war is the backdrop of this comedy in which I hoped for no violence yet found it interesting to hear beautiful lies and feel empathy for the antagonists. This is a really good take on seeing what’s in front of you. Spoiler alert…not a good look for war.

  another comedy & guilty pleasure 



  soundtrack is perfect with the crisp cinematography




(Brother Band from Detroit)

told their story

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Life Is Wonderful

Especially With Humor As My Saving Grace

Always worried about the horses in scenes of films when they fall and fall and fall…mostly in films of the East as my preference for fixation.

Worry no more…about 15 minutes into Reel Injun…got hooked by Rod Rondeux / Crow Stuntman…priceless footage. Now I can enjoy those intense scenes knowing that the craft is honorable.

images (10)ri1

Articulated Overview and Trailer

Reel Injun is a wonderful waste of time and highly recommended

Star of silent film “Silent Enemy”

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance

Thank you MASAL BUGDUV for your effort to enlighten




Rod Rondeaux Crow Stuntman


a find during research…must see

images (10)lf

Sacheen Cruz Littlefeather Apache/Yacqui Educator – Beautiful


Salute – Wounded Knee, S.D. – Russell Means Lakota Activist

images (10)ri8

The headband….who knew? – Also, I knew there was a reason I liked Marlon so much –

images (10)ri4

I’ve enjoyed all his works!!!

images (10)ri7

Charlie Hill Oneida/Cree Comedian

images (10)ri9

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images (10)ri3


John Trudell Poet Lakota Activist

Will give Trudell a try…lost hope in laughing for a while after the crucification of Katt…

Reel-Injun-The-Fast-Runner-246x350 This movie is the game changer

and another opportunity for a wonderful waste of time…looking forward.

to be continued…