SE Vol 97 – Phigroa



Originally from New York, Phigroa or Phil gifts music lovers with titles that invoke forward thinking and calming endeavors such as Serene, Metamorphosis, Ambience and Night Dreams to start.  I’m attracted to Phigroa’s skill for executing the down-tempo  and smooth rock with a chilled out vibe. Here’s a musician that incorporates electronic music with live instrumentation where you do Feel the Music. He also has a very surprisingly raspy vocal that gels with his productions – I figure that’s why it’s called the ‘Sound of Phigroa’.  Be sure to check his links and get to know and groove where the vibe is sure to move.

Winter 2014 Collab with Philly ‘artist born’ JoGoldie



‘Look Around’ is a track I enjoyed along with my son (who quickly picked up the melody and hummed as if he’d heard it before! Took me back to Hall & Oates 🙂


‘Rose Chill’ is most likely a favorite among music lovers of popular sounds. This track has an ambient and drum kick worth a groove.


Collaborative with Philly artist Willeo f Yashar entitled “I Try” circa 2011 (hip-hop and r&b)

soundcloud link

soundcloud link

Phigroa album artwork is beautifully crafted by Sylvia Figueroa and compliments what one would anticipate hearing and imagine while listening

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