SE V121 Wholeness

Perhaps the balance in music is remaining open to avoid divisive and destructive word, thought or deed. All music is unique containing aspects of one another.  Remember to remember the root of it all.


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Soulful sounds of Cocoared Fam


Original Soulful Soundtrack  Now Available

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Soul Excursion Vol 74 – Beautiful Angels (Re-Mastered)

Over 7 minutes of house music with splashes of broken beat and sprinkles of nu-jazz for your listening pleasure!

Out Now on Traxsource

Out Now on Traxsource

Butta Records (Chicago) comes from the heart of the HOUSE MUSIC scene and proudly debuts with JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels” that has been a local favorite among the after hours gatherings.

With all the hype and the attention, Butta Records complied and listened to all their followers to have the world enjoy such beauty!!

We present…..JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels”– Butta001

Mastered by Xavier Jacome at Direct Drive Digital Studios ©