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Cool calm collected and mellow kind of fellow.

There is a method to the magic in the way Qool DJ Marv presents and plays music. He tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the people, and then he blends what he sees with what he hears. Intertwining many styles for many faces from many places, Qool DJ Marv captivates you with his blend. The fluid flow and continuously ascending momentum of his wide-ranging sets is inviting, hypnotic, and breathtaking. Qool DJ Marv crafts an unforgettable feel good, get down party where everyone in the room will hear something that they enjoy. It’s as if he knew you were coming. An inventive pioneer, Qool DJ Marv deliberately defies categorization to great effect. An evening of Qool DJ Marv may include a mind boggling array of selections spanning many eras and decades of music including R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, House, Jazz, Funk, Rock & Roll, Soul, and Disco classics, and Eclectic beats from around the world. Since 1994, Marv has been producing mixed tapes/CD compilations that illuminate the many styles of music that he loves but have fallen short of major exposure and marketing. The series “Beats, Jazz, & Soul” and “Qool Classics” are adored by people from all walks of life from all over the globe. People enjoy the meticulous attention to the sequencing and the seamless continuity of the mixing. Qool DJ Marv has a way of introducing genre-defying songs to listeners who previously may have only preferred popular mainstream offerings. It’s Qool DJ Marv’s laid-back demeanor and the playfully enchanting smile that you first notice. He is genuinely pleased to meet you and despite his even keel, he’s bubbling at the thought of what he has in store for your listening, dancing, and celebratory pleasure. There’s an exuberant idealism in Marv’s appealing mix that bridges us all – with a universal vibe, everybody gets down. ______________________________ FRIDAYS | Bar Six Qool DJ Marv spins vinyl on Fridays at Bar Six in Manhattan’s West Village. 502 6th Avenue between 12th & 13th streets. October 17th October 24th November 7th November 14th November 21st December 5th December 12th December 19th December 26th January 2nd Time: 10:30pm-2:00am ______________________________ SATURDAYS | Bar Room Marv plays it cool at the Bar Room near Central Park on the Upper Eastside 117 East 60th Street, New York, New York 10022 (Between Lexington & Park) October 18th October 25th November 1st November 8th November 15th November 22nd November 29th December 6th December 13th December 20th December 27th January 3rd Time: 11pm-2am ______________________________ TUESDAYS | Soho House 29-35 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014 October 21st October 28th November 4th November 11th November 18th November 25th December 2nd December 9th December 16th December 23rd December 30th 7pm-12 midnight (Rooftop – June through September) 8pm-1am (On 6th Floor if raining during summer or October through May) ______________________________ Q&A Curious: All at the same time you’ve seamlessly built a worldwide underground following, you are considered one of New York’s best eclectic vibe lounge DJs, and you’re the DJ that HBO hires when they want their special events to have a special themed sound. Without being overtly mainstream or particularly well connected, how have you managed to maintain and extend your career? MARV: My idealistic drive to share music that I’ve discovered has become a vehicle to earn more opportunities to keep playing or working with music. I first DJ’ed at Emory University in 1989 but in the mid-90s I began producing cassette mixtapes of off-the-radar music for my friends (mainstream music listeners who heard most new music on the radio). I interned at a commercial radio station in Philadelphia and learned that carefully calibrated radio formats were less about music and more about ads. Realizing that a lot of radio-worthy music that I was buying wasn’t making it to the airwaves, I made tapes to fill the gap amongst my peers. Encouraged by positive feedback and a want for more of my way to mix, I kept going…I keep going. I went out to hear the best in Philly and in New York City and never forgot the way they did what they did and how the crowds responded. Honing in on subtlety and skillful application of mixing techniques, I simply wanted to be on their level by way of earnest listening and practice. In 23 years I have recorded more than 400 mixes including live sets and home studio concepts and from day one, my way to play and my sound has been travelling. In other words, to answer your question succinctly: I’m sincerely gifted with an ear for the all time, bandwagon cash-in trend adverse, and tirelessly committed to opening ears and minds while moving butts. No worries, I do enjoy playing pop too, but I always wanted to have a chance to play all music because I truly do love all music and the truth is that the ‘hot’ DJ of those pop scenes, always gets cold. –  about info from podOmatic

Qool DJ Marv – PodOmatic

qool dj marv

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The podcast extention of the Urban Cry LLC. Another foundation of the music of International freelance journalist/Essayist/Activist/ Recording artist Zion antoni, Psrc, and affiliates. The soundscape, independent/ industry of the advocacy of solidarity in urban America, and abroad. By illustration of social awareness, understanding, cultural value, and fundamentals. Welcome to the real. Welcome to the voice of the struggle. Welcome to the Urban plight. – Zion The Urban Cry LLC 2012 Executive Producer: Zion

TheProverb:”A Manifesto. A Lesson. Know Protacals. The Ledge.Wealth” 10/18 by THE URBANPLIGHT SHOW | Music Podcasts.

“The Badge” is by far the most relevant and cohesive solution to an issue – til’ it is… no more. It’s the coming of full-circle thought and how to apply possible reactions accordingly in ‘real time’. A must read!

The Record Realm

DJ KOOL EMDEE Podcasts on Mixcloud – click to enjoy

Based in Houston, Texas, DJ Kool Emdee has over 34 years of professional experience as a disc jockey. His background includes years of performance on stage as an actor, show DJ, producer, visual artist, musician, activist, speaker, and writer/poet. He is also accredited as being an award winning musician and DJ [2nd Place – ATCH Records DJ Battle (1989) & Slick Rick Promotions DJ Awards – Top DJ 2003], radio show host, producer, and engineer. Additionally he is deemed the mastermind behind “The Comfort Zone” which was a flourishing educational poetry set that ran for more than 5 years. His accumulative prosperity afforded him be seen in many cities across the U.S., the Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa*.

DJ Kool Emdee has always had a love for music. The foundation for this love has always been a “musical family” of mostly vocalists and musicians. His first instrument was the drum at age 5 shortly following was the mastery of the French horn, the trombone and finally the trumpet. The melodies of the instruments brought out the natural “ear” that would lead him into his primary craft. It was the same ear that he so graciously extended to the dj’s his father would employ in the many clubs and lounges he owned as well as some promising local radio jocks. Not long after, his mother started buying records in various genres and that was the spark that ignited the flame.

His first official gig was at age 9, when he was asked to bring his stereo system and records for a birthday party. “The pay was $25” (laughing). Later he started hearing about DJ’s like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore and the evolution of Hip-Hop. After deciding that’s what he wanted to do, he studied the formats most disc jockeys used for their radio programs, and teamed up with a guy named Michael Williams who taught him the basics of using a mixer. A few years later he acquainted DeWayne Coney (DJ Chi-Dawg) of Chicago, who introduced Emdee to his entourage cleverly named “The Cassanova Crew”. The makeup of the group consisted of DJ’s & MC’s from Chicago and New York City. With the help of DJ Chi-Dawg, who deserves unlimiting credit, the late DJ Lonnie Mack, and The Prince EZ-Cee (aka DJ Peter Parker) Emdee learned the basics of scratching, “blending”, and how to take rocking parties to another level. The rest is history.

DJ Kool Emdee has toured with and shared stages with the likes of Busta Rhymes, KRS-ONE, Mad Lion, Lost Boyz, Cutty Ranks, Born Jamericans, Papa Reu, Lady Red, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, MC Zin, S.M.U.G.G.L.A.Z., Bobbie Fine, YZ, Special Ed, Bishop V Black (VURB), Brother J of X-Clan, Precise & Tha Lumba Yard, Stephen Marley, Redman, RealNess/Elliott Ness, E.K. Skwad, David Sha, Michelle Thibeaux, The Niyat, Mic Skillz, Zeale 32, M-1 of Dead Prez, Volume 10, K-Rino, The 144 Elite, Opio of Souls of Mischief/Heiroglyphics, and many more.

He is hopeful to return to touring where he wishes to visit the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan to connect with world renowned producers and artists for collaborative projects. His current projects include Sunflower Jazz, The Rhythm Kitchen, The Original Soul Sunday, production on an upcoming EP and an expose’ of the whole truth of modern day music and its culture entitled The Other Side.

*U.S. Cities DJ’ed: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Killeen, Denver, New Orleans, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Montgomery (AL), NYC, Chicago, Champagne (IL) [University of Illinois], Baton Rouge, Austin, San Antonio, Philadelphia and more.

Countries DJ’ed: Saudi Arabia, Pago Pago, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Barbados, and more. (info from The Record Realm)

DJKoolEmdee Profile Image

Podcasts on Mixcloud – click to listen


Soul Excursion 62 – Blood In My Eye: The City of Philadelphia

 Zion Antoni SPeaKs

Here is an individual who has taken the moments needed to reflect and re-build through words. It’s the seed that needs nourished as found in the concrete lined streets of Philadelphia – City of _____________. Although I cherish silence, words are the most powerful symbols used in our times. As folks post “I’m so….  Here you find a cruel and honest reflection of brotherly love sprinkled with infinite possibilities.

When reading his most recent essay (link n pic), one may think, “I’m so…not alone”, and “I will do better now that I know better”. This writer showed me that no one is one dimensional.  His essays challenge you to be original, courageous, do you with due excellence, and evolve – exactly where you are – not forgetting from whence you came. To learn more of Zion Antoni, his insight and foresight – please do check his website and past Kymbo post. Enjoy your journey.

Make time for what matters such as reading this worthwhile essay and be sure to share with like-minded folk to “keep it moving” as there is always time for greatness. Let’s work it out to economize our communities with sustaining wealth and continue to celebrate all that we represent ‘with diplomacy and in solidarity’.

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Blood In My Eye: City of Philadelphia

 I reserve the right to edit my reviews.

This is post remains musically relevant w/

new music by Zion Antoni released Jan/2014 – listen and enjoy

-remember Hip Hop is a culture and the material presented here is a solid source for reference-


Skin Care

A Choice In Body

Most of the time I carry products with me to share with others – sort of a walking billboard.

The products listed below are part of my body care regimen and I cherish the creators who mastered their craft.


Coffee Bomb You Must Try - Highly Recommended

Coffee Bomb
You Must Try – Highly Recommended

 First, I received my package with attention to detail and personalized. The smell immediately got me as well as the free sample of organic sanitizer! Then I applied the bomb – whoa – there are no complimentary words to describe how my already smooth skin married with this product. It felt so good that I didn’t want to wash it off.  After a few days I decided to contact them and let them know how I’m now a regular customer.

cordobaorganics logo lemon

More products available for face, body and hair care.

They make awesome gifts for family and friends.

Products are created with crystal infusion therapy.

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and then I walked upon another treasure…

Earthly Enchantments Naturally​

Good to know who creates what I choose to use


Ethiopian Coffee Beans and Dark Chocolate, presents an absolutely delicious rich scent. Also the natural caffeine in chocolate and coffee is reported to offer wonderful anti-aging skin care properties.

Ethiopian Coffee Bean Soap is the remedy for such comical stances of folks bathing without washcloths – highly recommended – give it a try.

This Premium Soap is our best seller. Contains a generous amount of pure Dead Sea Mud. The mud has historically been known to offer therapeutic skin care properties. This soap is highly beneficial for those with eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin irritations. Also softens the skin. Very gentle soap.

This Premium Soap is our best seller. Contains a generous amount of pure Dead Sea Mud. The mud has historically been known to offer therapeutic skin care properties. This soap is highly beneficial for those with eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin irritations. Also softens the skin. Very gentle soap.

They have a soap club! Respect the craft and support.

Skin Care post is updated periodically


Soul Excursion Vol 56 – Nise

much more


from nise

Below you may view the video description. In this moment, just prepare to not delay living your best.  It is still nice to see how folks make use of it.

I’m filled with gratitude. Watching nise videos be advised and watch wall street video (vimeo) – until the very end – affirming and refreshing. Dig how they take a different direction.

– Music brings people together –

btw – that sonorous sound of Cocoared! – Just like Prego – “It’s In There!”

„Much More“ – 2013, a new kind of movie.

MUCH MORE was documented first in 2013 and belongs to the group of movies. Till this day this strange movie has no german name. Science discovered the long armed Icone Skateboards and in the second step Sebastian Madlener shot Nico Nührig and Ville Hietala in case of freeriding, downhill skateboarding and some freestyle. Watch their chase through Triest, Warsaw, Prague, Innsbruck, Austria and the Alps.

„Much More“ – 2013, eine neue Gattung Film.

Der erst 2013 zum ersten Mal dokumentierte MUCH MORE (engl. Much more, auch „not only II“) gehört zu den Vertretern der Filme. Bisher besitzt der seltsame Film allerdings keinen offiziell anerkannten deutschen Namen.
Erstmals aufmerksam auf den langarmigen Icone Skateboards wurde die Wissenschaft durch einen Beitrag von Sebastian Madlener, Nico Nührig und Ville Hietala. In diesem Artikel berichten die Forscher über ein vermutlich bislang wissenschaftlich unbekannten Freeride vor der Küste von Triest, das in der Lage war, diverse Städte Europas durch Warschau, Prag & Innspruck perfekt zu imitieren. Sie dokumentierten den Downhill durch mehrere Filmaufnahmen in den Alpen. die seinen Verwandlungen in einen Orangatang, zeigen. Der Einsatz des oben erwähnten Downhills wurde bisher nur zur Anlockung von Blue Tomato beobachtet. Zur Navigation während dieses Vorganges nutzten sie einen Sajas.

Cinematography: Sebastian Madlener –

Rider: Nico Nührig and Ville Hietala


Second Relation – And In The End…

Artofficial – Big City Bright Lights

Moon & Sun – Salt & Indigo

Dub Terminator – Mad Music

My Bubba & Mi – Really Really

Cocoared Fam – Souljah Nip

Curly’s Revenge – Better Days

DJ RUSH – For The Underground

Dziga – Mechanicals

Blue Swerver – Before It´s Over

Blue Tomato
Concrete Wave Old School Skateshop Cologne
Icone Skateboards