SE V115 Dem No Worry

Please all give a warm welcome to Mister T


Dimitris Tentinis aka mister T. was born in 1983 in Kavala (Northern Greece) and has been living in Athens since 2010. He started writing his music ideas in 2001. Past classical music studies influenced him for his new direction.

Mister T’s style is mostly groovy with lot of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and deep influences. He also likes writing in a down tempo / trip hop style. He has been a member of Cold Busted (USA) label since June 2011. He is also released tracks on Chin Chin Records (Germany) and Timewarp Records (Greece). His music is widely supported by listeners, djs, music and radio producers around the Globe and many of his tunes are already remixed by well known artists like Club Des Belugas, Kaleidoscope Jukebox, Timewarp Inc, Omegaman, Jayl Funk, Umbo, Funky Destination, My Neighbour Is, Mojo Rising, Sixfingerz, Green Street, Es-K, Mr Chombee .

Parallel to his production activities, he began playing music as a DJ in 2003. Mister T’s sets are a blend of jazz, soul, electroswing, funk, breakbeat, hip hop and electronic music.

bio courtesy of SoundCloud

video courtesy of misterT1983a

Mister T and vocalist JoGoldie, among a team of talented music industry professionals, collaborated to give birth to “Dem No Worry”. Released on ColdBusted in 2015, this funk track on the Big Day album shines, bringing hope, when you are feeling vulnerable to negative energy. The message of “Dem No Worry” is to perceive and make your own new beginnings. Take a ride over and groove on a 12 track of funk, hip-hop and jazzy vibes.


Feature vocalist JoGoldie debuts international album On My Way

On My Way, Jo Goldie

A musical message that inspires you to be the best you…now.




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