SE Vol 102 – Soulful Soundtrack

A recording project was imagined, of voice combined with instrumentals, to release, retell and reform music matters.  One day a stranger reached out with four kind words.  After some fact-finding the compliment was returned. The initial challenge was how to express thoughts through words using my native tongue without wasting energy and losing focus. Having only spoken one language fluently and knowing some greetings and salutations in a few other languages, this relationship was surely an adventure. My musical muse was a guide in ways that forever unveiled all possibilities.  Nevertheless we did the work and made something out of nothing, as the crafting work continues, I humbly share with you the Italy 2 Philly project.

Oceans apart, a relationship between strangers began on-line to make something; Jo Goldie and Alessio communicate creatively through language differences to give you the full-length Soulful Soundtrack titled “On My Way“.  Creating a lane of sound through the stellar music production of Italy based producer Alessio Zara, this timeless soundtrack has a sound evoked in soul, rhythm & blues with a myriad of styles to identify music.  AZ productions’ passionate attention to combine instrumentation with electronic sound will affirm how you have entered the beginning of something beautiful. Together, Jo Goldie and Alessio retain the past of how sound was along with how music is in the here and now creating a timeless experience. The album “On My Way” includes bass driven tracks sprinkled with compelling lyrics and delivery through shades of R&B soul and hip-hop. You’re aurally stimulated through “We Remain” (hip-hop) featuring London based rapper Fuzzie Barz, then Jo Goldie serenades her lover on “If Only” (down-tempo, orchestral hip-hop) featuring Italy based Saxophonist Ettore Diana. Life is what it is and through “Forgiven”, featuring Italy based Harpist Marcella Carboni, you hear how it was yet will not be forgotten. “On My Way” coaxes you to be-your-best-you-now. The Jo Goldie sound is cerebral and appealing worldwide. Have no doubt that Jo Goldie’s music inspires one to groove, think and most of all, smile. Njoy.

Available now

Available now

Artist Quotes:
“I am driven by listeners and supporters to give them what they want and as they ask…I face the music.”
”Alessio and I follow one another…through notes and vibes of sound… to life itself…music”.
Fan Quotes:
“Amazing!!! So inspirational.” The Refusers

“Beautiful music, so innovative and soulful..”  Pearl

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