SE Vol 99 – D’Angelo

D’Angelo is my type of ‘go to’ sound for anytime. Own all his albums to date and looking forward. Considered his past work as all he ever had to share. Yet he chose to continue to grace me with more. Giving thanks for ‘going back to the way it was’…’now, now, now’. Keep it moving.

Weekend Private-Concert

The Vanguard Rocked IT

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Michael Tiz Tisdale

Pino On Bass , Isiah Sharkey On Guitar Along With Jesse Johnson Formally Of The Time On Lead & John Blackwell On Drums Former Drummer Of Cameo & Prince … Talkin Bout A Real Soul Unit Of Musicians On One Stage Including The Keys , Strings & Background Singers Which Includes A Bass Man That Can Sing As Low As Melvin Franklin Of The Temptations .. This Is A Soul Masterpiece Of A Group Entwined .

Billy Jackson

Shout out to the sound engineer…

Thank you G for giving me some of that goodie-feel – the real – love

Every Action = Reaction

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Justtwo Post

I think that’s intentional – it’s muffled on the album too for this song, prayer, and 1000 deaths. the lyrics are really good though if you look them up. When I first heard this song and prayer I assumed they were songs about relationship problems until I listened closer. Not sure if that was done on purpose but it’s a cool effect either way.

to be continued…