SE Vol 94 – Miles

Singing in church choirs & school plays, somehow music was always around. Penned a paper on the Autobiography of Miles Davis and the most memorable part of the read was how Miles would play the trumpet with his back turned to the audience. “Kind of Blue” is a playlist I frequently enjoy.

For now, you can find thousands of sites on his work and influence. Do enjoy the links and pics below.


Pic courtesy of Jazzitalia

Don Cheadle, who is set to portray Miles and direct the film is forth coming. Looking forward.

Composite of Miles Davis and Don Cheadle

Pic courtesy of thegaurdiandotcom

Miles Davis – Website

The Autobiography of Miles Davis with QT


Pic courtesy of chagalov on tumbler


The Hand of Miles Davis by Irving Penn


Pic found on…


Pic found on…

Jazz Quotes


Pic by…


Pic courtesy of…


Many more quotes to post and share, however, I’ll leave that to you if you’re courageous enough to go that extra mile to care.

Album Covers:


Pic found on Bēhance

18 images of Album Cover Art of Miles

17 images of Bitches Brew Album cover

Share your favorite album cover


Artwork & Posted by Peter DeVeber (click on the pic to visit The Journey of the Flower where you will find hundreds of haiku, poetry, prose, painting & sketching by Peter DeVeber)

Quotes on Miles

*This post is in honour of Miles who entered my world thirteen yrs ago today.


*The transition date of Miles Davis is also the transition date of a woman who will forever be a fabric in my life-quilt and the day I joined my life-partner almost twenty yrs ago in “keeping it moving”.


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