SE Vol 89 – Granddad Woolly

An emcee who represents the past, ascends in the present and will exist in the future. *info via bandcamp

You can find this MCee and jack of other trades on Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, FB, Twitter and more. He has an impressive discography so be sure to check his gifts.

Granddad Woolly image

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 oldie but goodie heard a couple years back

Not sure how this “Morning Sunshine” collab came about, cuz I thought I had the inside connect, but I’m sooo diggin’ this flow and intellect.  play this track while drivin’ to keep my head up and you’ll just have to wait to give it a check. OK – Wait no more….found it!!

Granddad Woolly lyrics:

“For every ounce of support

you get a gallon of the hate

but it’s in the mind state

and how you shake the water weight”….

to be continued

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