SE Vol 88 – MJB

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Published on Sep 22, 2014

Pre-order “The London Sessions” album now and get “Therapy” for free
“The London Sessions” Out December 2nd

photo courtesy of soulbounce

Whole Damn Year*

Nobody But You *

Therapy *

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Tyrone Ward 

3 days ago

Love the new direction Mary is moving in.  Yes it´s different, however it sounds very good.  Some in the US may be a little disappointed in the new direction, however she´s not really moving in the direction of staying on top in the US market.  She´s transitioning over to catering to the European market, and targeting more of the global market.  She´s working with one hell of a team out of London and I applaud her for that.  From what I have heard from the album so far, the album is most certainly headed for quite a few nominations.  Mary has come to Europe now, so she´s ours now.  LOL.  Don´t worry about her being dropped over here.  We would never do that to a legend and an ICON. 🙂
A true MJB fan would know that all her music comes from her life experiences, her music speaks for everybody . She is just amazing artist i love all her music. She is truly the Queen , MJB your music is inspirational, heart filling , and incredible im truly looking for the new music that relates to everbody in the entire world.
Impressive.  Mary never really disappoints from my perspective.  What´s really impressive about this other than Mary is that Emeli Sande wrote this.  Love Mary, and I really love that one of my favorite new comers is making her mark as well. Nice job.  🙂


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