Soul Excursion Vol 79 – Robin Franz

Love the horns in this track

RobinFranz is an amateur producer of trance, electrosoul and chill tunes. After having played the tenor sax in various bands (new wave, funk) during the late 80s and early 90s he started producing electronic music in the early spring of 2009. RobinFranz has cooperated with artists like Cocoared, JoGoldie, Dennis Coleman and Gizella. In September 2010 DJ Cesar Delgado included RobinFranz’ track „YesWeCan feat. JoGoldie“ in his newest set. In 2012, house crack Zemek from Vienna got RobinFranz to provide some vocals for his newest ambient house tracks, which are featured on iTunes. The sounds of Kraftwerk, Paul Keeley, George Clinton and Leftfield have been a great influence on RobinFranz’ music. Listeners of the group „under2000listeners“ on voted RobinFranz to the „artist of the week“ in October 2010. 2013 RobinFranz for the first time ever got airplay on the radio. DJ Mr Rain featured the tracks “Tracks of Curiosity” and “Feel The Sun” on his weekly show on OSRadio (Osnabrück). (info courtesy of soundcloud/RobinFranz)

Newest track upload

Oldie but goodie


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