Soul Excursion Vol 74 – Beautiful Angels (Re-Mastered)

Over 7 minutes of house music with splashes of broken beat and sprinkles of nu-jazz for your listening pleasure!

Out Now on Traxsource

Out Now on Traxsource

Butta Records (Chicago) comes from the heart of the HOUSE MUSIC scene and proudly debuts with JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels” that has been a local favorite among the after hours gatherings.

With all the hype and the attention, Butta Records complied and listened to all their followers to have the world enjoy such beauty!!

We present…..JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels”– Butta001

Mastered by Xavier Jacome at Direct Drive Digital Studios ©

Soul Excursion Vol 73 – Alessio Zara

Composer of Sounds and Visuals

Alessio Zara is a producer of film and music fearless in the creating. He has the ability to project a world appealing enough to be in. His expansive works range from educator, instrumentalist, programmer, artist, and as mentioned to film and music production. His abilities with making thought visual are limitless.


His long awaited instrumental 15-track album is right on time. Once you hear the first track on the Manual Mode Promo video (above) it is then just a matter of giving you what you want. Innovative instrumentation at it’s weirdest and finest.

AVAILABLE NOW ON iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon

Soul Excursion Vol 71 – Rachel Crow

Mean Girls

come in all perspectives and degrees

Don’t change for me

– the remedy

A Positive Move

is to

Work That


I’m impressed with the adults working with Rachel Crow as she is a positive force for youth inspiration. May your youth be inspired to rise above the fog and shine.