Soul Excursion Vol 70 – Dionne Farris

Still searching for the best article or written word of her. I’ll be sure to include in this post when it’s found. There are some people who can describe an artist with such simple yet honorable ease. dionnef

Dionne Farris and her works are a must have for collectors and songwriters.

So good to have her continue the journey of sound. There is no comparison to Dionne Farris…she is intuition.



WILD SEED – WILD FLOWER is my fallback album…no words give justice to this epic release.


” as always, I reserve the right to edit my post – this is a vol in the making…”

Soul Excursion Vol 69 – Marley Mix

Moody Mellow Mix

Much Respect Shamrock Vibes

Giving thanks giantpc

Thank you Tatraize

Much Respect ShallowVI

Thank you seryckseryck

Giving thanks DamianMarleyVEVO

Much Respect Wellcome all

Thank you Bob Marley Remastered Songs


Soul Excursion Vol 68 – Sandra St. Victor

Sandra St. Victor


Pull Your Pants Up

This track made me chuckle. It’s a take on a moment or urge you may have had.

SSV may be known from The Family Stand and she continues to shine throughout time. The video below is inspired by the sock hop 60’s TV music shows and I may have seen Gabrielle Union as a dancer in this one.

Thank you Shanachie Entertainment for the youtube post.

Soul Excursion Vol 67 – Nu Soul Magazine


Get your daily dose of universal outlets to ride the sounds and sites of music with Nu-Soul Magazine. You’ll get updates on artists like


     artworks-000085820837-9b4w3g-t120x120 via jason chang

or links on art, fashion, interviews, downloads, contests, artists to watch and much more. There are dozens of links to related content from sites I imagine are in partnership with or associated with Nu-Soul Magazine. This outlet breaks up the monotony of  in-your- face- distractions…they go in on the sounds. So check them out and let me know how the visit was for you. I enjoyed the link to URB Magazine and Beyondjazz, not to forget to mention Giant Step. Nu-Soul Magazine is about bridging the gap between the timeless sounds of R&B/soul and the constantly evolving world of electronic music culture, with an emphasis on funk, soul, urban lifestyle, and underground culture…

Soul Excursion Vol 66 – Signals and Transmissions

Signals and Transmissions is a go to when looking outside self for music that needs to be heard. The publisher Vector Set (Angie) sends the weekly paper with satisfaction guaranteed  plus updates on Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba and many more! Be prepared for at least 50 – 100 contributors to this paper…everyone has a song to sing.


  Check it OUT NOW

Soul Excursion 65 – L’Renee

Such a joy to find talented singers so close to home. L’Renee is not your predictable soul singer. Soul singer, for moi, is someone who ooozes with purity in delivery. She was recently introduced by Kem @ a movie premiere. Below are three of her seven album releases and check her flow on youtube – so refreshing. From what I understand, she has an upcoming album release – Looking forward!

L’Renee (pron el-rah-ney)


Soul Excursion 64 – Chuck D

PE 2.0

Published on Oct 29, 2014

YO!, from the Album PE2.0 People Get Ready


 Give We The Pride II

Give We The Pride

Wow, “G”, took me back with this gem of a find. Thank you for putting me on to this feature of the legendary Mavis Staples. This post will be updated, when I locate in my archives, with video of the 70’s concert where The Staple Singers sing Respect Yourself.  After first listen, Sade came to thought singing “…love is stronger than pride. I still really really love you”. With all things in its proper place that Sade reference is not a comparison and more of an appreciation for those whom stumbled. As always, there’s something out there for every point of view and this Give We The Pride view is cool with me. It’s not condescending and as a matter of fact it reminds me of a post seen that read “To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten” .


Get It Right Or BE Gone

TU PE!!!

Pick up the Mavis Staples & Chuck D extended MP3 single Bundle over at

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Soul Excursion Vol 63 – Beloved

Groove and head rock for a minute w/ Beloved

2 Volume (limited time) FREE download


Free Download (Limited Time)


Beloved Feat Sheila

Fo Ever

“….after some good livin, a man understands he has only got…his word.”

– Beloved

4 ever “Beloved”- Beat – Alessio Zara prod.


then again…another few moments to rock steady w/

Concrete Rose