Soul Excursion 59 – Sevan Bomar w/ DavidMathematics

This guy right here…Sevan Bomar is not with the bs yet deals and explains the bs on his own terms.  Sevan masters the game in all positions in his oratory. He’s the observer, player, ref, game-board/field, ball, fan or whatever you choose. James is thee reflection of confliction magnified to define a time, a moment, a thought, a word, deed or action. His oratories are confident and married well with music by DavidMathematics. You can find him re-explaining and redefining the game in many ways on PodOmatic, Livestream, Youtube and more via guest speaker/interviews. One must be entertained at some point. Truth ConnectionsRadio has given a well-said introduction of Sevan Bomar.


James Evans Bomar III best known as “Sevan” is one of the most diverse and enigmatic speakers of our time. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisers. Hosting the popular internet television program known as Astral Quest, Bomar is rapidly gaining explosive recognition.

He takes on some of the toughest subjects related to true life with no limits Bomar speaks based on his vast experiences and finds no rivals in the field of deep revelation. He answers puzzling questions such as what happens after death, the preexistence of man and woman, the origins of languages, gods, and belief systems.

Bomar has developed a unique style of dealing with issues and solving problems over a broad range. He has coined the title of this method as “Realm Dynamics”, a study he claims involves a “Micro Macro” approach to total realization by the revelation that the body is not only a map to the immediate Universe, but also a ship that can navigate a more personal space called the Innerverse located
located inside of every individual.
Sevan lives in Costa Rica and is currently working on a documentary titled “Secret Energy” while developing a human activation institute.


Autum Review

Below is one verbatim comment posted on youtube from a segment of the show posted above.

TheConflictrisen via Google+

4 hours ago

There is a personal responsibility that each one of us has to get ourselves to the next level.~ Sevan Bomar

The concept of the scapegoat is that; you can blame someone else for all the problems. When we understand the dynamics and the trickery to that; we can even see: some of us conscious people, have a whole list of things that we want to blame; which becomes the reason why we don’t activate. Because the main thing here is; the reason why we can’t find the creators on this planet is because they don’t have egos. They don’t want someone saying “You created it …wow it’s beautiful!”
They don’t need that – they know what that equals; so that’s why no one knows who the creator is; except for the jackal, who is King; who’s Khan; the priest etc. That being is the one that said “the creators are not going to say “I created it” …so that being will say “I created it!”
And that’s what gives us the word “King” – because that thing is one being coming forward saying:
-“My power is actually greater than anyone do you agree or not?”
“We agree King!”
-“Okay so for that, I am going to be your ruler!”
The moment that kind of shit happens (excuse my language); That is the birth of a God King, or what we call a Dog King. And that kind of concept resting on the kind of beings we are’s mind, dis-empowers us from a simple level of: if it’s someone else that’s suppose to be fixing this; if it’s someone else or something else that is suppose to be taking you into the higher levels of your spiritual enlightenment: then it will always be up to that individual force to make its decision on when it’s going to do it. And don’t be surprise if it takes forever because it doesn’t even exist!
There is no external God (hopefully in the sovereign’s mind). But inside there is a master – You are the master of self.


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