Soul Excursion Vol 46 – Carolyn Malachi

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Beautiful Dreamer (extended Jazz Mix)

Excerpt from youtube:

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2011

Carolyn Malachi – Beautiful Dreamer – Extended Jazz Mix (ft. Vahagn Stepanyan on Paino, Trey Eley on Flute, Matthew Shell, Devin Spear on Electric Guitar, Markus Huber on Bass & Jabari Exum on Djembe)

Carolyn Malachi’s “BEAUTIFUL DREAMER” is an inspiring account of overcoming incredible odds and living a passionate life. The stylish video (…) features the point of view of Niya Bell, a nine-year-old genius who escapes to a mystical wood after being bullied by her peers; and grown-up dreamers who work, live, and thrive in the real world. Niya and the dreamers’ stories intertwine to reveal that a little encouragement and lots of faith can go a very long way.

Visit to download “BEAUTIFUL DREAMER”, and to learn about the friends, fashion, and fun that brought the video to life. Check out Carolyn Malachi’s YouTube channel:

 Thank you WorkingNotion for the upload!

 Dumela is another gem

Carolyn Malachi Website

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