Soul Excursion Vol 42 – GhettoSongBird

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Over ten years ago somehow in Philly, USA I was attracted to GhettoSongBird. It could’ve been those early myspace days. Nonetheless, thrilled to see her continue to rock the funk.

Good peoples worth checkin out or funk out to…enjoy…GhettoSongBird.

Most recent interview (best guess)

 Love IT

This glimpse can most be appreciated by checking the music blog link at the end of this post.



Track List & Song Length

Nasty Gal 4:35
Talkin Trash 4:40
Dedicated To The Press 3:40
You And I 2:45
Feelins 2:42
F.U.N.K. 4:20
Gettin Kicked Off, Havin Fun 3:07
Shut Off The Light 3:53
This Is It! 3:25
The Lone Ranger 6:08

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 BLOG about ROCK’n’SOUL history


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