Soul Excursion Vol 36 – Randy Crawford

 Randy Crawford



a beautiful voice


Thank You For Being You!


A Special Voice


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Soul Excursion Vol 35 – Jyoti (G.A.M)

  New Moon



It is an honor to be a part of a movement holding it down so be aware to check the numerous links.

– no holds barred –

  Years ago, again, stumbled upon  G.A.M (synchronicity) and if you don’t know…then please be encouraged to do your homework and get up on herstory. For all listeners and supporters of Jyoti – Let US CONTINUE TO SHOW her that she is a shooting star and we are just catching a few star-dust. She has the recipe for love and it’s so easy to make! Others have shared their views and you’ll see some that resonate.  She reminds me of Sankofa where you instinctively love and recall your past while ‘keeping it moving’. If you don’t feel something worth while then move on because you’re in the way. Trust you will enjoy reading how Georgia Anne Muldrow vibrations are saturating our worlds and the journey will only get better. Come aboard and Comingo…


             Published on Sep 9, 2013

Off the new Jyoti 7″ w/ Optimus Prime available on bandcamp. This song is exclusive to the 7″ and digital and will not be featured on the upcoming ‘Jyoti – Denderah’ album.



Youtube Commenters (Respectively):

Lo’Ron Gill –3 years ago

True Art!!!! Purest form!!! I have all of G.A.M.’s music, but this one snuck up on me.

LaNoire27 –1 year ago

“Master Marquise here on my lil sistas account…Much love to her for revealing miz Muldrow to my awareness…this sista has much genius, much art, much beauty…just when blacknizz seems played, jaded, and without a soul, along comes the real thang, agin… not all God’s chillunz gots soul, but dis sista shows us the true way to cosmic realization beyond skin and colorzz”

Classyjazzlady – 2 years ago

I can’t think of one artist today with as much versatility and randomness as Georgia Anne Muldrow. She does so much musically! A true artist in every sense of the word and you just feel her love for humanity, all things natural, all things harmonic so strongly and so purely. Don’t know her, but I love her.

Rickie Byars Beckwith – 2 years ago

This song changes the atmosphere is a room… Good God, to have these vibrations in my living room, in my heart… now that’s some omnipresence right dere! Thank you Georgia. You are worth the journey!


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My favourite lyric “…with the melody of love in my heart, I’m gon feel bran new”

BIG UPS to  DJ Barry King downloaddjbk for highlighting this track on your show!!!

Soul Excursion Vol 33 – Zion Antoni redefines – 2014

Soul Excursion Vol 33 – Zion Antoni redefines – 2014


02/06/2014 — Freelance Journalist/recording artist releases an arabesque new single to the forthcoming conceptual EP/Mixtape “The Campus”, called “Fish”. Fish delves reflective and gritty outlook of the value of life from struggle, pain and progress. A new single and return from a considerable hiatus from the indie music scene. Zion has penned overseas hits as “1987”,”Honey fo’ my Strongdrink”, and “Still love u”. Now he returns with a grassroots real to life era of maturity, and growth.

“There’s always a risk in staying progressive in any field.” Zion explains. “To always show people how you have grown and where your willing to take them.” Zion explains he is confident his new surge of Avant -Garde music will influence by demand. Promoted at a minimum within the states, “Fish” is a catalyst to much, and a point in the voice of the grassroots. For like minds of progress, Antoni again, re defines. 

– Conceived in Washington Heights / Bronx Center –
– You’re dealing with a man of vision –

As a mother raising kings in training, I would be amiss not to have them explore the world of Zion Antoni. This artist/journalist brings such raw experiences enveloped with such practical yet un-amassed-actualization. Actualization, in the sense, that all journeys are connected. If you want to see, feel and hear the “things” in life that are desirable and undesirable? Then invest in a reading session of his literary archives (see Soul Excursion Vol 21 ) then prepare to do the work. And once the cerebral has been fed prepare to have your thoughts casted in the sound of inevitability. Look forward to sharing his gift with family and friends. It’s only wholeness to look out for fam, right? Oh and must not forget the head nod factor…music sure to move you.

– It’s about community –
Make It

Make It