Soul Excursion Vol 7 – Björk – 2013


Sound brings forth an energy that words may not describe, it can only be experienced. A while ago, I was drawn the instant, I heard notes from a Björk song in the movie The Professional. I searched for that song for a long time. Whenever the movie aired – I smiled – eagerly awaiting the scene with her and the potted plant in the window. Björk and all that entails her craft were my new guilty pleasure. Guilt by association was cool with me and no one could dim my light as I world-twirled (I think I just made up a new word) in these frequencies.

Björk has a brilliant app of her biophilia album. This app is sooooooooo kid-friendly that, I guarantee your growing ones will instinctively create and take it over – all the while listening to Björk!!! Presentation is stellar and worthy of the 2013 award to m/m for best recording package.

You gotta be a free-thinker and doer……so check out some bjork

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