4 Voices

4 Voices

4 Voices

Found this pic while trollin’ in a positive and productive manner and was inspired to share…that each artist has recorded a song that touches me in a particular way. Thank you to whoever created this pic and posted it!

AND it’s only touching due to how they’ve used their instruments with words.

Raheem DeVaughn – “Guess Who Loves You More” – What beautiful words to tell someone. So much that I tell my children the same! As a lover of music I can tune into his style every now and again. It’s great to see that he has a strong loyal following and can only get better in time. His track titled “YOU” is an honest homage to the feminine – much respect for holding it down.

Anthony Hamilton – “I’m a Mess” – it’s tragically beautiful of how he pours this song out. A feeling that must transcend being in the moment.  A place I wouldn’t want to stay long…but HE sings it as if there’s sort of love in the pain somehow. Must be beautiful to know what to call how you feel – even if it’s uncomfortable.

Jaheim – This voice right here! Flow that twerks my cerebral cause the writing is phenomenal for culture driven sounds. Nice extended remix . Keep up the hustle Jaheim!

Kem – Welcome to the dark side of the moon. He may have found it!! “Heaven”…his website bangs this track with stellar production and an instrumental that keeps you wanting more. Rock it Kem!

Though not a complete – end all – be all – artist feature on voices that bring haunting vibes…again, the pic inspired the post. Countless perfected artists/crafters come to vision and all in good time. For now…it’s their time.  It reminds me of how we are chemically attracted to one another – if the chemistry is on – then attraction is inevitable.

What voice gives you vibes for days?  Continuing on…

Cammy Enaharo

Soul Excursion Vol 8 – Raheem DeVaughn – 2013

Soul Excursion Vol 8 – Raheem DeVaughn – 2013


Raheem DeVaughn is an artist who vocally soars high on the most sung about topic – love- in its various forms. If you haven’t taken a few moments to enjoy how his passion, visually delivered formulas are on point (got more videos than I got time to view), has its pulse on the current surface of love and is gaining solidarity….please do check. His hustle, call it what you will, is magnetizing and leaves you wanting more. I can dig his vibe and look forward to the forthcoming free mixtape release.  Finding his radio show podcast on itunes was another confirmation that awareness is arising and love always finds a way!

Visuals for the pic of it…


Soul Excursion Vol 7 – Björk – 2013


Sound brings forth an energy that words may not describe, it can only be experienced. A while ago, I was drawn the instant, I heard notes from a Björk song in the movie The Professional. I searched for that song for a long time. Whenever the movie aired – I smiled – eagerly awaiting the scene with her and the potted plant in the window. Björk and all that entails her craft were my new guilty pleasure. Guilt by association was cool with me and no one could dim my light as I world-twirled (I think I just made up a new word) in these frequencies.

Björk has a brilliant app of her biophilia album. This app is sooooooooo kid-friendly that, I guarantee your growing ones will instinctively create and take it over – all the while listening to Björk!!! Presentation is stellar and worthy of the 2013 award to m/m for best recording package.

You gotta be a free-thinker and doer……so check out some bjork