Soul Excursion Vol 3 – ESHON BURGUNDY



Vicki’s View:

When I experience this artist it can only be described as a solid foundation to paths of his-story.  To walk a mile in his shoes is to live in greatness. ESHON BURGUNDY is, in my opinion, the best at giving a flow of lyrical phrases that sounds as if anyone can…however, try if you dare. He has a direction destined to raise many heads in unison…the head-nod. Head noddin’ is reminiscence of the call-and-response from a good dose of church-going. In this day and age – he is so refreshing – among the best that hip-hop offers us listeners.  So go ahead and experience his greatness within…

Another way is to feel the skill and style of ESHON BURGUNDY is to just do it…



“Salute to all the believers n non believers, comrades n spectators, to the hopeful n hopeless remember: The darkness steals and the Light reveals* the Light uncovers what the shadow smothers so if i ever stand in the way and block the Son from your eyes, pray for us both, 4 the death of our pride, for the birth of revelation & broken handcuffs, cuz to know me is to know nothing but to know God is to know enough. –burg”





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