Soul Excursion Vol 2 – Ursula Rucker



I’ve witnessed people nod in silence with eyes wide open when Ursula Rucker is the topic of discussion. If you are turned off from the state of the world – then I suggest you peep out this artist. She will keep you at the crossroads until you decide to move. If you don’t want to watch the tv or see the evening news then get your current transmissions from Ursula Rucker. She reports it all with a no holds bar style that you can only respect and admire. So bear with me as I continue to give respect where it’s due or pay homage to her body of work that IS.

Listening to her over the years reminds me to be in the moment. The force of Ursula Rukus, as only I have come to know, is timeless. Also, feel free to comment and be in this excursion. Understand this is the beginning of a series of posts highlighting the truth – only as experienced. In order to appreciate the truth of Ursula it may best be served by plainly moving your heart and thought. If you have had the pleasure of experiencing her poems, then enough said. However, if you have not heard the word displayed in a matter of fact color, received in a tone of “I know that’s right” where the listener gives Ursula Rucker many “thank you, thank you for saying something” s, then what are you waiting for?………click here to be moved.

Read between the lines (video)

so what (poem)

…to be continued.

twitter @urucker


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