Kymbo Post – Entry Date1.5.2013

It all began before my eyes and now through hindsight, worldwide collaborations, I share a passion to remember and restore the fun in sound.  My sound preference is for the old school jazz cat to the hip hop head, a laid back parle’ with the goodie-feel healing for all souls featuring international beatmakers, producers, recording artists and writers. Here you find what you felt before…everything you knew was true –

love & light

ImageAs said before….it all began with you



This pic was snagged from Buttafinga Soul page on facebook- an extension to Philly group ButtaMilk Worldwide. And they snagged it from feature write up in Freedom Rag magazine(?), the photographer who took this pic is Carl Childs. Buttamilk Worldwide was soul pot mix of deep good spoken word and good music. Before there was a Def Jam Poetry, there was Buttamilk Worldwide.

Qool DJ Marv, Kenneth Wells and Gene Roberson Jr. – an important mark on the spoken-word circa 1994 to 1998ish. 


Kymbo Blog Entry Date 1.15.2013  © 2013

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