Soul Excursion Vol 4 – Jill Scott

Love You Jill Scott – Continue To Make It Rock

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I think every individual has his or her own power and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is – Jill Scott

What more can you say about Miss Jill Scott? Plenty more and it is ok to repeat what you thought or heard ‘bout your Jill Scott experience. Amazing how she can say what I’ve always wanted to say yet I could not find the way, without it being taken out of context. I guess that is in learning the art of war. Each moment is a new day and I see each of her songs in a similar manner – a moment. I find her track titled, “You’re getting’ in the way” as a millisecond (or shorter) of something emoted from within. The song happens to prolong thought or feeling. She has a liberating talent that inspires others and others aspire to whatever the case may be.  Miss Jill Scott is ever growing and in this post…well wishes for all the best to you and yours this year!

Ever seen the news clip-remix of a woman’s quote “ain’t nobody got time for dat”? Entertaining it may be …be encouraged to raise your vibration.

Watching Me – Jilly seed…RT (re-tweet, real talk, rethink, reteach)…what do you think?


  To Be Continued

Soul Excursion Vol 3 – ESHON BURGUNDY



Vicki’s View:

When I experience this artist it can only be described as a solid foundation to paths of his-story.  To walk a mile in his shoes is to live in greatness. ESHON BURGUNDY is, in my opinion, the best at giving a flow of lyrical phrases that sounds as if anyone can…however, try if you dare. He has a direction destined to raise many heads in unison…the head-nod. Head noddin’ is reminiscence of the call-and-response from a good dose of church-going. In this day and age – he is so refreshing – among the best that hip-hop offers us listeners.  So go ahead and experience his greatness within…

Another way is to feel the skill and style of ESHON BURGUNDY is to just do it…



“Salute to all the believers n non believers, comrades n spectators, to the hopeful n hopeless remember: The darkness steals and the Light reveals* the Light uncovers what the shadow smothers so if i ever stand in the way and block the Son from your eyes, pray for us both, 4 the death of our pride, for the birth of revelation & broken handcuffs, cuz to know me is to know nothing but to know God is to know enough. –burg”





Soul Excursion Vol 2 – Ursula Rucker



I’ve witnessed people nod in silence with eyes wide open when Ursula Rucker is the topic of discussion. If you are turned off from the state of the world – then I suggest you peep out this artist. She will keep you at the crossroads until you decide to move. If you don’t want to watch the tv or see the evening news then get your current transmissions from Ursula Rucker. She reports it all with a no holds bar style that you can only respect and admire. So bear with me as I continue to give respect where it’s due or pay homage to her body of work that IS.

Listening to her over the years reminds me to be in the moment. The force of Ursula Rukus, as only I have come to know, is timeless. Also, feel free to comment and be in this excursion. Understand this is the beginning of a series of posts highlighting the truth – only as experienced. In order to appreciate the truth of Ursula it may best be served by plainly moving your heart and thought. If you have had the pleasure of experiencing her poems, then enough said. However, if you have not heard the word displayed in a matter of fact color, received in a tone of “I know that’s right” where the listener gives Ursula Rucker many “thank you, thank you for saying something” s, then what are you waiting for?………click here to be moved.

Read between the lines (video)

so what (poem)

…to be continued.

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Soul Excursion 1 – JoGoldie

2014 Update

Feature Video – JoGoldie along with Be Focus Records thanking all for keeping the tradition of music alive.

 Be Focus Records Thank You Trailer



Her calming voice has been around a minute and the newly arrived are welcome to come aboard for the musical journey. Time may stand still as this soul sista is keepin’ it moving. Her vocal and writing journey for some odd fifteen years is inspirational and from the cerebral. You may hear or view her works in awareness campaigns, short film, internet, video, documentaries, radio and press. Works include – live performance shows, background vocals, studio-recordings, non-profit awareness events, fundraising for the building of well waters/systems, paid/non-paid performance shows and more. Her style is not for just anybody – it’s for you.

Listen as JoGoldie pours tasty vivid colors of her soul, coming to the stage and delivering a calming sound with what she has…the word in a quiet storm. Her voice won’t be denied apart from the beat or rhythm which is sure to move you – a privileged voyage. She is currently working on several independent projects with artists in the states and abroad. She’s a story to tell as if some unfinished love recipe.

“I only can do me – I must be frank, witty, and pretty with it”


  • “German artist Pawcut comes with style and class on this 3 track EP featuring Philly vocalist JoGoldie. The tracks are drenched in smoky layers of jazz harmony with the future thinking edge of a perfectly processed breakbeat. The vocals are the true centerpiece however, providing a longing and emotive glimpse into love. Also included are a remix and instrumental! …. this mysterious up and comer!” – NuSoul Musings
  •  JoGoldie full length album release “On My Way” – Coming Soon
  • “Giving thanks to all supporters – S/O Last Dynasty Show – Macnitti!”


Vicki: Who Inspires JoGoldie?

JoGoldie: Nina Simone comes to my thought first. She emotes something familiar in my being and it can be good and bad. When I listened to her music for the first time, back in the late 90’s, I gained an appreciation for the ole saying “it is what it is”. I was stuck in place where singing had to sound perfect or acceptable. I enjoy the little mistakes and off-key recordings I make and now I sing into my experience with no boundaries.

Vicki: If you could sit and talk with the legend today, what would you talk about?

JoGoldie: First it would an honor so I would give thanks and second, I probably wouldn’t talk about anything deep. Again, thank her for being and all she left. Then chill on daily living and how to maintain the force of offering natural gifts to the world.

Vicki: What is the biggest misconception about you as an artist?

JoGoldie: There are none, since my concepts and thoughts are always changing – I trust others do as well. Therefore, it is what it is (smile).

Vicki: Describe who is the JoGoldie fan or your average listener-

JoGoldie: People who “get it” and just smile to know they are not alone or wow, thank you! I am grateful to have support worldwide from listeners and it feels good to know that I’m not alone. The best part is that most of my songs are for all ages and seeing my boys groove to it – isn’t bad at all.


Eunice Kathleen Waymon (21 February 1933 – 21 April 2003), better known by her stage name Nina Simone, was an American singer-songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music. Simone aspired to become a classical pianist while working in a broad range of styles including classical, jazz, blues, soul, folk, rnb, gospel, and pop.

Simone was born in Tryon, North Carolina, USA, one of eight children. Like a number of other black singers in the U.S., she was inspired as a child by Marian Anderson, and began singing at her local church, also showing great talent as a pianist. Her public debut, a piano recital, was made at the age of ten. Her parents, who had taken seats in the front row, were forced to move to the back of the hall to make way for white audience members. This incident contributed to her later involvement in the civil rights movement.

Pungent soul deep – All hail to the queen

A favorite Nina vibe

To Learn More – Do Your Homework – You May Be Impressed

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Vicki Wilson

Kymbo Post – Entry Date1.5.2013

It all began before my eyes and now through hindsight, worldwide collaborations, I share a passion to remember and restore the fun in sound.  My sound preference is for the old school jazz cat to the hip hop head, a laid back parle’ with the goodie-feel healing for all souls featuring international beatmakers, producers, recording artists and writers. Here you find what you felt before…everything you knew was true –

love & light

ImageAs said before….it all began with you



This pic was snagged from Buttafinga Soul page on facebook- an extension to Philly group ButtaMilk Worldwide. And they snagged it from feature write up in Freedom Rag magazine(?), the photographer who took this pic is Carl Childs. Buttamilk Worldwide was soul pot mix of deep good spoken word and good music. Before there was a Def Jam Poetry, there was Buttamilk Worldwide.

Qool DJ Marv, Kenneth Wells and Gene Roberson Jr. – an important mark on the spoken-word circa 1994 to 1998ish. 


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